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Brass H62 ( Brass H62 is alloy of copper and zinc, have strong anti-rust property and easy to machine), after computer plasma cutting, pure handmade moulding polishing, precision tin welded, and fine grinding, the letters look mellow and full, dignified and grateful, solemn and elegant, have a strong sense of history.

Material: Brass (H62)

Processing Technique: Brass sheets plasma arc cutting, welded, grinding polishing


Art galleries, museums, culture plazas, city sculpture mating, government agencies, pseudo-classic architectures, top grade public houses, star-rated hotels.


  • Height / Width  ≥200mm
  • Thickness 20-60mm
  • Stroke ≥10mm
  • Guarantee for 3 years
  • Potential for LED Lighting

Installation Method

As per customer requirement

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