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Wide choice of sizes, easy to install and maintain.

Material: Aluminum Sheets (1060H24), Acrylic Sheets, Aluminum-plastic Edgings (≤1000mm) , Aluminum Edgings (≥1000mm), LED Light Source

Processing Technique: Aluminum Plates Precision Open Slot / Welded / Baked Enamel, Acrylic Plates Engrave, Aluminum-plastic Edgings Welding (≤1000mm), Aluminum Edgings forming (≥1000mm), Case Keel Reinforce (≥1000mm), Light Source Configuration


Commercial Center, School, Research Institutions, Enterprise and Public Institution, etc.


  • Height (Width) >500mm
  • Thickness 80mm-150mm
  • Stroke ≥20mm
  • Frontlit
  • Normally we guarantee for 1 year. We can also guarantee 2 years, 3 years, 5 years but in different price level. Within the warranty period, we will offer replacement of LED light sources, lettering faces and power supplies for free with the clients' proper usage and maintainance.
    We are not responsible for any damages or defects caused by the improper usage and maintainance. The freight is born by the customer. 

Installation Method

As per customer requirement


Option Item

Transformer (220V/12V), Time Controller, Leakage Protection Device and Control Switch


General Information

Pricing is for upper case. Lower case is 90% of listed price. Punctuation is 1/3 of listed price. Prices shown are "per letter". The prices are for 1 year warranty. Please contact us for info / pricing on any other sizes or fonts.
Installation templates are included.
Shipping cost is not included.


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